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Marina Taina, Puna'auia, French Polynesia

Fenua Rigging is specialised in maintenance and conception of standing and running riggings as well as chandlery and hardware installation.

Thanks to 18 years of experience, its know-how and its commercial network, Fenua Rigging will find solutions to your problems. We are sailors and know the importance of a fine boat preparation.

Being confident in one’s rigging frees the mind and allows to fully enjoy nagivating.

Our company is located in Marina Taina, Tahiti. We work all-over the island and ship your personalized rigging anywhere in Polynesia.

Marina Taina, Puna'auia, Polynésie française

Every solution from the chart table to the top of the mast

Rigging, sails, splice, electronics, hardware



Rue Francis Puara Cowan, Papeete, Polynésie française
Unnamed Road, Puna'auia, Polynésie française
40 83 43 10 (Fare Ute) 40 83 43 20 (Punaauia)40 83 43 10 (Fare Ute) 40 83 43 20 (Punaauia)
40 43 29 43 (Fare Ute) 40 83 43 20 (Punaauia)

Vis et de boulons en inox, acier, laiton, HR, THR, accastillage, perçage, fixation.

Spax Scell-it

Toute la fixation professionnelle : Inox, Acier, Laiton, Nylon

  • Tronçonnage, ébarbage
  • Disque diamant, foret
  • perçage vissage, rivetage
  • fixation, résine chimique
  • Insert, frein filet, pâte à joint
  • Silicone, colles
  • Levage, accastillage
  • Câble, chaine en inox
  • Charnière, cadenas
  • Outil de serrage

Screws and bolts in stainless steel, steel, brass, HR, THR, fittings, drilling, fixing.

Spax Scell-it

All professional fixation

Stainless steel, Steel, Brass, Nylon

  • Cutting, trimming, deburring
  • Diamond disc, drill bit
  • screw drilling, riveting, riveting
  • fixing, chemical resin
  • Insert, thread brake, sealing compound
  • Silicone, adhesives
  • Lifting, deck equipment
  • Cable, stainless steel chain
  • Hinge, padlock
  • Clamping tool
Unnamed Road, Puna'auia, Polynésie française

Dépôt vente : bateaux et accessoires

PK 14 Punaauia à côté de VBP coté mer

du lundi au vendredi de 8h00 à 17h00
Le samedi de 8h00 à 11h00.

Marina Taina, Puna'auia, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française

Ventes de Matériels de plongée Professionnel SCUBAPRO, wakeboard, huiles, accastillage

Ouverture 7j/7 de  8h00 à 17h00

BP 907 98735 UTUROA ZI Tahina - Uturoa Raiatea

Atelier de construction métallique basé à Raiatea et expédiant dans le monde entier

Marina Taina, Puna'auia, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française
87 74 10 0287 74 10 02
40 53 11 86

Michel BALTZER “This chandlery in the marina is tiny, but had everything we wanted. The guy would disappear out the back and return with the wanted item! Very helpful.”

Fare 'Ute, Papeete, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française
  • Moteurs : Mercury, Mercruiser, Cummins Mercuiser Diesel (CMD) & Yanmar
  • Remorques
  • Bateaux
  • Groupes Electrogènes
  • Accastillage – Peintures – Résines
  • Electronique – Articles de Sports
  • Articles de Pêche professionnelle ou de loisirs
  • Huiles Moteur & Pièce détachées


Taravao, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française
Vente équipements:


Lundi – Jeudi : 7h30 – 16h30
Vendredi : 7h30 – 15h30
Samedi : 7h30 – 11h30

120 Av. du chef Vairaatoa (rue de Carovog) - Papeete, TAHITI Tahiti (zone urbaine)

Cummins Marine

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