Take a deep breath when you arrive in the Marquesas Islands, it often means having a hard time leaving them. Culture, people encounters, generous and colorful nature, these high islands are the guardians and the columns while you arrive in Polynesia.


The atolls in the north of the archipelago enclose lagoons with treasures of natural beauty. You’ll find deserted anchorages that are unspoiled and truly exotic.


The urban area where most of Polynesia’s services and administrations are concentrated and the Peninsula which keeps an authentic Polynesian flavor.


Great for some nice escapes in nature while staying close to Tahiti.

Leeward Islands

The sailors’ islands, offering a unique nautical playground which satisfies even the most demanding visitors due to its diversity of tall islands including Raiatea and Tahaa, Bora Bora, Maupiti and Huahine.


The only town thousand miles around