• Tuheiava Pass: on the west side, not very navigable by NW wind.


  • Motu Teonai: the fishermen’s village is right at the pass’ entrance.
  • Tuherahera village: on the southern side. Marina for 8-10boats (max draft 3m), floating dock, cistern for water supply, stores, infirmary, restaurants. Limited supply of fuel. Uncomfortable wheneast winds blow, and no electricity.
  • Tavania Islet
  • Motu Aua
  • Motu Puarua: bird sanctuary, be careful and leave them alone, especially when they hatch

Useful contacts

Tikehau, Îles Tuamotu, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier, Polynésie française
40 96 22 3740 96 22 37

Town’s hall

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