• Anse Amyot, on the Atoll of Toau: This anse is located on the NO of the atoll, and is protected from the prevailing winds and swells, but the sea could be a little roughy if the winds are from West. This false pass ( which is 8 meters deep) give you access to a closed bassin of 200 m wide, with almost 25m depth.
    Vue satellite de l'anse Amyot - Toau
    Satelite view of anse Amyot – Toau


    Get in touch with the 2 only inhabitants of the atoll ” Gaston and Valentine”, Phone 87 33 74 12, there are 8 moorings available, and Gaston & Valentine are proposing services and activities to make you experience the Tuamotu way of live ( diners ashore, fishing activities, snorkeling …



  • 8 mooring buoys maintained by Gaston


Useful contacts

Toau, Îles Tuamotu, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier, Polynésie française
87 25 51 1387 25 51 13
  • Ponton pour les dinghy / Dock for dinghy
  • Corps mort / Moorings
  • Langouste, poisson, varo, kaveu, quelques légumes/ Lobster, fish, varo, kaveu, some vegetables
  • Excursions / Excursions
  • Eau douce gratuite / Freshwater for free
  • Lessive / Laundry
  • Pique-nique / Picnic
  • Balade avec raies manta / Stroll with manta ray
  • Aucun dépôt de déchets / No garbage deposit
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