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Taking your bearings in French Polynesia

Useful contacts

Rue Philippe Bernadino, Papeete, Polynésie française
40 54 16 16 (numéro d’alerte)40 54 16 16 (numéro d’alerte)
40 54 16 15 (information)
Centre de coordination de sauvetage aéro maritime en Polynésie française CONTACTEZ LE JRCC TAHITI...
16 M/HF 8291 Khz Inmarsat C: 582-422799192

Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Pirae, Polynésie française
immediate medical help

Avenue de Ste Amélie, Papeete, Polynésie française
Servitude privée, Papara, Polynésie française
Baie de Cook, Paopao, Moorea, Polynésie française
Uturoa, Îles Sous-le-Vent, Polynésie française
Unnamed Road, Fare, Polynésie française
patio tahaa
Urgences. Centre Opérationnel de la Gendarmerie COORDONNÉES DU COMMANDEMENT DE LA GENDARMERIE POU...

French Polynesia
Unnamed Road, Vaitāpē, Polynésie française


  • French Polynesia’s coordinates: 17°32 S / 149°34 W
  • Time Zone
    • French Polynesia: UTC−10
    • Mangareva: UTC−9
    • Marquesas: UTC−9:30
  • Winds: East trade winds (5-15 knots) to the NE (Austral Summer) and SE (Austral Winter). Sustained trade winds (15-25 knots) in July/ August.
  • Swells : Long S/SE swells generally small, 2-4 m during Southern depressions.
  • Tides : In the Society Islands, there are solar tides only, 20 cm amplitude. Every day of the year high tide is at noon and midnight, and low tide is at 6 am and 6 pm. There are moon tides for the other archipelagos 0.5 to 2m. There can be strong current and possible tidal bore in the passes in the Tuamotus. Sail through during slack tides.


  • Society Islands
    • Pass entrance markers: red = port / green = starboard (International system A).
    • Markers in the lagoon: red = land side / green = reef side.
  • Marquesas Few markers, only in bays giving access to the main villages. Free coasts and rather weak sea currents.
  • Tuamotu : Markers in passes only. Sail when sun is high up or in your back.

Water & power

  • Tap water: Tap water is drinkable in Papeete, Arue, Moorea (Temae/Maharepa), Bora Bora
  • Electricity 220 V – 60 Hz
  • Gaz French standard butane only. Buy with deposit a 5 or 13kg tank with its pressure release (in gas stations).


Pacific Francs (CFP) on February 1, 2016 :

  • 1000 CFP : 8,38 € (rate parity)
  • 1000 CFP : ± 9,15 US$
  • 1000 CFP : ± 13 AU$
  • 1 € : ± 120 CFP
  • 1 AU$ : ± 77 CFP
  • 1 US$ : ± 109 CFP



Domestic Flights Terminal

Rue Édouard Ahnne, Papeete, Polynésie française
Aéroport Tahiti-Faaa , Faaa, Polynésie française
Airline company. Travel agency. Domestic flights in French Polynesia. Serves French Polynesia.
Aéroport de Tahiti, Faaa, Polynésie française
Boulevard de la Reine Pomare IV, Papeete, Polynésie française
Rue Albert Leboucher, Papeete, Polynésie française
40 43 72 4740 43 72 47
Tarif quai des Yachts-aéroport / Fare Yachts warf-airport (immigration) : 1790 Fcfp de jour /by d...

Public Transportation
Bus service: Leaving from the ferries docks (to the west coast all the way to the peninsula), leaving from Bank of Tahiti (towards west coast to Papara), leaving from City Hall (to the East Coast)
Transportation Management
Ph : 40 54 81 81

Opening hours

  • Stores : 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
  • Grocery : 5:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Saturday, Sunday morning only for most.
  • Banks and Administration Opening hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Climate and weather forecast

  • Tropical oceanic climate: Temperatures between 24 °C and30 °C all year round.
    • November to April: “Hot season” or Austral Summer (more humid).
      Cool trade winds over warm ocean, cumulus and frequent showers.
    • May to October: “Cool season” or Austral Winter (dryer). Trade winds, few clouds and rare rainfalls.
  • Weather Information VHF 13 Weather forecast in French
    • VHF 13 (Society islands) : 06h30 – 12h00 – 16h00 – 20h00
    • HF 8803 KHz : 07h30 – 12h30 – 16h30 – 20h30
  • MeteoFrance.png
    Aéroport de Tahiti, Faaa, Polynésie française
    Rue Napoléon Spitz, Papeete, Polynésie française
    Bulletins quotidiens en français / Weather forecast in French VHF 13 (Îles de la Société / So...
  • Meteo marine radio
    AM 738MHz (05h10 – 18h26)
  • Meteo Pacific region (Bob Mcdavitt prévisionniste)
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