Leeward Islands

The ”nautical tourism to the Leeward islands” (TN ISLV ) project is a collegial approach to enable sustainable development of sailing in the archipelago.

For now, 17 sites have been designed to offer you secure moorings on maintained buoys (for boats of 20 tons and 20 meters maximum), and to easily access to valleys and villages, deposit your waste or refuel. They were chosen for their sea and land tourist interests, each site is an invitation to discovery. A daily rate is offered by each site manager. And each of them can guide and advise you for your stay there. These islands are welcoming and wish to remain so. We encourage you to make sure to minimize your impact on the lagoons and land, on the environment in general, but also to pay particular attention to the population, its expectations, lifestyles, his modesty, his requirements sometimes. We want you to be able to soak up the Polynesian history, including nautical and maritime history, and meet the men and women of Raromatai (Leeward islands) in a spirit of consideration and mutual respect.


The TN ISLV Program implemented with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Industriy, Services and Trades of French Polynesia, France’s services in French Polynesia, the 7 communes of the Leeward Islands, the Ministry of Tourism of French Polynesia, the Tourism Office, Tahiti Tourisme and several local associations of nautical tourism professionals and environmental doers.

You can find more on the dedicated website: www.sailing-tahiti.com

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Maupiti Island
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Maupiti Island
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Maupiti, Farauru, Îles Sous-le-Vent, Polynésie française
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