• Garue Pass: to the North, unusable when N winds blow with exiting currents, village of Rotoava
  • Tumakohua Pass: to the South, unusable when S winds blow, village of Tetamanu.



  • Rotoava village: 8 buoys, wharf in deep water, infirmary, post office, ATM, stores, diesel fuel deliveries to the wharf when Cobia II is docked or diesel and gasoline at Fakarava Yacht Services.
  • Garue pass : 2 buoys.
  • Tetamanu village: 4 buoys, old coral church, pink sands, etc.
  • Amiot Anse of the Toau Atoll: to the N of the island. Contact “Gaston & Valentine“. Ph : 87 33 74 12 8 mooring buoys, dinners, fishing, activities, etc.

Fakarava Unesco Biosphere Reserve

Since Octobre 2006, the commune of Fakarava has been classified as a Biosphere Reserve in UNESCO’s World Heritage due to its specific characteristics and its natural and cultural heritage. It includes Aratika, Fakarava, Kauehi, Niau, Raraka, Toau and Taiaro, which represent the diversity of the Tuamotu’s atolls, from the large open atoll of Fakarava, to the small closed atoll of Taiaro.

Warning: strict regulations to control the organization, the use and the management of land and marine areas of the reserve. Download the Commune of Fakarava PGEM brochure from: www.peche.pf/IMG/pdf/PGEM_FKRV.pdf (principles and rules for each atoll).

Anchoring authorized only in marked ZM on each atoll’s PGEM map. As soon as you arrive, contact the Town Hall to report your presence and get information on the regulations.

Useful contacts

Fakarava, Îles Tuamotu, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier, Polynésie française

Open 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm.
PYS provides moorings, internet and laundry…


Come and enjoy the Restaurant and Bar on the beach or at the pontoon.


Washing machines are available for your small or large laundry.


Free internet hotspot. Photocopy and printing of documents

Maintenance & repair

Underwater work, small mechanics, miscellaneous maintenance

Supply of supplies

fresh (fruit, vegetables), fresh water, ordering and spare parts management (local/international)

buoy guard


Ouvert 7/7j de 7h à 20h.
Pakokota Yacht Services propose des corps morts, internet, une laverie…


Venez profiter du Restaurant et du Bar sur la plage ou au ponton.


Des machines à laver sont disponibles pour vos petites ou grosses lessives.


Hotspot internet gratuit. Photocopie et impression de documents

Maintenance & réparation

Travaux sous-marin, petite mécanique, entretien divers


en frais (fruits, légumes), eau douce, commande et gestion pièce détachés (local/international)

gardiennage sur bouée


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Fakarava, Îles Tuamotu, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier, Polynésie française
87 76 76 9987 76 76 99

Propose :

  • internet
  • eau potable
  • restaurant si l’hôtel n’est pas full
  • ma’a tahiti le dimanche
  • MAIS aucun déchets acceptés

Provide :

  • Internet
  • Drinking water
  • Restaurant if the hotel isn’t full
  • Tahitian lunch on sunday
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Fakarava, Îles Tuamotu, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier, Polynésie française

Eric Le Lyonnais

Club de plongée ouvert de 8h à 17h

Scuba diving center open from 8am to 5pm

Fakarava, Îles Tuamotu, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier, Polynésie française
93 40 40 4093 40 40 40

Fakarava Town Hall

fakarava Yacht Services.jpg
Fakarava, Rotoava, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier, Polynésie française
Service pour bateaux · Laverie · Location de vélos  · gazole et essence
Situé à 1,5 km à la sortie du village de Rotoava en prenant la route principale.
Accès également par la mer, en face de la première balise rouge vers le sud: arrivée à une petite plage puis chemin sur la gauche puis à droite (panneaux)

Services available to the boats: Internet access, transfers, parcel management. Laundry, bicycle rental. diesel and gasoline

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