The urban area where most of Polynesia’s services and administrative offices are concentrated

Sailing to Tahiti

The port of Papeete is accessed directly through the Papeete pass (dangerous when very windy and N/NW swells are running). Also accessed by the Taapuna pass, then sailing in the lagoon to Papeete (30 min)
Between Papeete and Punaauia every vessel movement is subjected to the prior authorization of the guard of the Port of Papeete (VHF 12 Ph : 40 42 12 12) aligned with the international airport’s runway.


BP 9164 – 98715 Motu Uta, Papeete Tahiti Motu Uta, Papeete Tahiti (zone urbaine)

Anchoring in Tahiti

Allowed all around the island except PGEM and AMP.
Do not interfere with maritime traffic.
Keep a reasonable distance from coastal residences.

Marinas in Tahiti

Papeete Tahiti (zone urbaine)
Downtown Papeete. Access through the Papeete pass. No reservations. Contact the Autonomous Port’s...

Upon your arrival, please kindly fill in the downloaded documents :

to be delivered to the harbour master.

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Boulevard de la Reine Pomare IV, Papeete, Polynésie française
Les 3 Brasseurs Tahiti opened their doors on June 13 1998. It is the only Polynesian microbrewery...

Punaauia Tahiti (zone urbaine)
West Coast : Access though the Taapunapass or through the channel of the Port of Papeete. 500 spo...

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Marina Taina, Puna'auia, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française
In the beautiful setting of Marina Taina Punaauia, you can enjoy our Italian specialties, while c...

rue Puo'oro, Arue, Polynésie française
Le Yacht Club de Tahiti existe depuis 1953 sous la forme d’une association de loi 1901 et c...

The city of Papeete

The City of Papeete and its municipal council are mobilizing for sailing and yachting. Partner of the welcoming of the ARC, the Puddle Jump and Tahiti Moorea Sailing Rendezvous, the city invites you to enjoy the activities it organizes throughout the year.

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Things to do

The Pearl museum

A unique museum dedicated to pearl farming. History, grafting, most beautiful pearls in the world. Open Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Papeete Waterfront
Ph.: 40 46 15 54

Papeete’s central market

A place of constant activity, that is both interesting and exciting culturally.
Open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and 6:00 am to 10:00 pm on Sunday. _ The people of the market come from all over the island to converge to this strategic place, which is the true economic heart of Tahitian social life.
Direction of the Municipal Market
Ph: 40 43 67 15

Museum of Tahiti and her islands – Te fare Manaha

Polynesia’s most important museum, it blends ethnography, archaeology, natural environment and fine arts.
Open Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Punaauia. Ph: 40 54 84 35

Useful contacts


Tahiti Tourisme Corporate.jpg
Papeete, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française
Organisme en charge du marketing de la destination Tahiti Et Ses Îles qui supervise toutes les op...


Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Pirae, Polynésie française
immediate medical help
Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Papeete, Polynésie française
Le Centre Hospitalier est le principal hôpital pluridisciplinaire de Polynésie française.
11 Rue Anne-Marie Javouhey, Papeete, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française
Rue du Lieutenant Varney, Papeete 98713, Polynésie française
40 46 18 9040 46 18 90


Avenue de Ste Amélie, Papeete, Polynésie française
Servitude privée, Papara, Polynésie française
Baie de Cook, Paopao, Moorea, Polynésie française
Uturoa, Îles Sous-le-Vent, Polynésie française
Unnamed Road, Fare, Polynésie française
patio tahaa
Urgences. Centre Opérationnel de la Gendarmerie COORDONNÉES DU COMMANDEMENT DE LA GENDARMERIE POU...


Rue Laurent Le Bilhan, Papeete, Polynésie française
Motu Uta, Papeete, Polynésie française


Direction of marine and mineral resources Regulations fishing, marine areas and management planni...


Filling station

Marina Taina, Puna'auia, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française
40 43 36 0640 43 36 06
Open everyday 6:30am – 4pm No tax free fuel on Saturday and Sunday Ouvert tous les jours d...
Yacht Club de Tahiti, Arue, Îles du Vent, Polynésie française
40 42 23 5340 42 23 53
Snack et Station Service Tous les jours de 6h à 19h Ouvert tous les jours féries Fermé le lundi G...