The Tiareroa Pass can be used almost all the time (except in the case of swell of the north combined with the tide which creates a strong current but the phenomenon is of short duration).
A beaconing (refurbished in December 2016) of the pass to the village or airport.


  • In the village, a wharf for the commercial boat has been refurbished, one side of the wharf lower for small boats.
  • An anchorage area protected from swell and wind in front of the village, between the quay and the motu Moitessier by 10 m deep, zone S 14°32’19” and W 146°21’43”.
  • A sheltered anchorage north of the Atoll, near the pension Cocoperle Lodge, with 3 buyos installed by the diving club. Go from the pass to the airport via the signposted channel, then if the weather is clear, walk along the motu towards the pension avoiding the poito (buoys) of the farms. In case of need (aggressive sea, poor visibility…), call Cocoperle Lodge who will guide you.
  • An anchorage in front of the diving club: 3 buyos. From the pass, after the southern cardinal of the pass, head for 100°; clear road without obstacles.

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