The atolls in the north of the archipelago enclose lagoons with treasures of natural beauty. You’ll find deserted anchorages that are unspoiled and truly exotic.


Be careful between the atolls, visible only when less than 10 min away. Strong currents in the channels between the atolls. In the 76 atolls, there are few navigable passes. When there is strong SE winds or heavy swells, the current coming out of the passes can climb to 6 knots. A tidal bore can rise inside or outside of the passes. Enter during slack tide.

There are side markings in the passes of the main islands and sometimes in channels leading to villages.

Be careful in the lagoons, on-sight navigation, have the sun at your back or straight above so you can see the colors and the coral heads, as well as the pearl farms buoys.

Anchoring recommended on the east side in July-August when strong E/SE winds blow.


Fresh water sources are rare. Fill up in the Marquesas and refill with rainwater if your boat doesn’t have a watermaker (desalinization unit)

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