• Pakaka Pass: to the southwest (120m wide and 25 m deep), generally easy to pass. Exiting current rarely higher than 5 knots, counter current along the south, helping in case of strong exiting current. Proximity of the
    main village of Niutahi (wharf, airport, grocery store, post office, infirmary).
  • Tehere Pass: NE point of the island. Wide and deep, easy passing, but without markings. Ideal for fishing and diving.


  • Motu Rua Vahine : on the south side.
  • Tamaro : on the SE side, facing the Assam pearl farm and the shipyard site (water, gasoline, gas, supply of vegetables and fresh products). Sheltered from major winds.
  • Teonemahina Point: NE side, well sheltered, magnificent environment.



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Apataki, Îles Tuamotu, Îles Tuamotu-Gambier, Polynésie française
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Access through Pakaka pass (marked) or Tehere. Fairing, long term wintering Hydraulic cart (17 t...
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