Ua Huka


  • Haavei Bay: landing on the East side of the beach.
  • Vaipee Bay: narrow entrance, curved shaped, small wharf, recommended mooring S/SW of the wharf, infirmary, post office, stores, museum, tourism committee.
  • Hane Bay: Not navigable when S swells are present, stores, post office, infirmary. Educational Marine Area
  • Hanse Hokatu: facing the village, landing dock to the right
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Vaipaee, Îles Marquises, Polynésie française
40 92 61 1640 92 61 16
Tourism Committee Ua Huka at Vaipee
Ua Huka, Northern Group, Îles Marquises, Polynésie française
40 91 60 2640 91 60 26
Ua Huka Town Hall
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