Lagoon partially navigable for boats with shallow draft.


  • Onoiau Pass on the Southern side to be sailed across only during the day and preferably at tide slack. Narrow pass generating strong currents, to be avoided when swells are coming from the south exceed 2m.


  • Patito Point : 30m main wharf to the south. Water from the cistern, fuel in very limited quantity (Electra).
  • Motu Tiapaa : Very sheltered anchorage, 6 to 8 m deep in the entrance channel.
  • Motu Pitihahei: North of Tamaupiti Point, while exiting the pass, fishing and snorkeling. 5 TN ISLV mooring buoys and buoys marking the Manta Rays areas.
  • Pauma: 200m east of the wharf (2m draft), bottom 5 to 6m Village : 3 TN ISLV mooring buoys in front of the village
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Maupiti Island
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Maupiti Island
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Maupiti, Farauru, Îles Sous-le-Vent, Polynésie française
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