COVID-19 informations

In accordance with the measures in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 in French Polynesia, the authorities have declared a lightened lockdown from April 29 and for a period of 14 days, until May 13.

  • Access to the territory for all non-residents of French Polynesia is still suspended (since March 18, 2020), until further notice.
  • Retailers will be able to open, whilst ensuring barrier gestures are respected; restaurants and food trucks will therefore be able to reopen.
  • Beaches will also be open, whilst respecting social distancing, even on the seaside. Individual leisure, sports and nautical activities will therefore be allowed.
  • The reopening of administrations will be gradual, prioritizing teleworking where possible.
  • However, bars, discotheques, cinemas but also sports clubs will remain closed, collective trainings are still prohibited, as well as gatherings in public and private meetings with the extended family or friends gatherings are strongly discouraged.
  • Maritime and air travel between the islands is still prohibited in order to ensure active surveillance and control of the epidemic. However, access is possible between Tahiti and Moorea.
  • The curfew is maintained but will be shifted from 9pm to 5am.


All sailing vessel currently in French Polynesia waters, must be referenced to the Marintime Affairs services or DPAM ( see contacts down below).

For boats currently at sea , heading to French Polynesia (those that have left Panama or the Americas west coast countries before march 21st ), here are the requierements :

  • • If possible, go direct to Tahiti. Prior to your arrival in French Polynesia waters, fill in and send back to the SAM the boat information form. Then call the JRCC 48 hours before arriving in Tahiti to give the health situation on board. In front of the Papeete or Taapuna pass , call the harbour master ( VHF 12) and indicate if you have a berth in one of the marinas , otherwise the harbour master will let you know where to go and anchor. A dedicated anchoring area in Punaauia has been defined by the maritime authorities.
  • • If you absolutely need to do a technical or reprovisioning stopover in the Marquesas islands, then you will need to indicate it in the boat information form. Once you get this autorisation, i twill be only valid for a few days, then you will have to sail down to Tahiti, non stop between Marquesas and Tahiti.

All boats that were at anchor or moorings before march 21st in one of the islands of French Polynesia, must stay there and apply with all the rules of confinement ( no watersport, no swimming, no movement of the boat, go ashore only to provision).If they want to move to Tahiti, they will have to ask for an autorisation. (Boat information form sent to SAM) .

Crew members who wish to be repatriated to their home country, have to notify the Minister of Tourism ( by sending this document, duly completed.

On each trip ashore , the confinement rules in force require you to fill out the certificate of derogatory trip and to keep it with you during your time ashore.

Sailing vessels that have not yet left Panama or the west coast of Americas, ust remain where they are and wait for the situation to improve before setting sails to Tahiti.

Note that to date Fiji, Tonga and Cook islands have a total ban on foreign yachts entering their country.




VHF 12 ou BLU 2638 KHz
Tel : +689 40 47 48 50 – Urgences : +689 40 42 12 12

VHF : 16

To help once you arrive, you can count on the support of involved local actors and volonteers, such as :
In Hiva Oa,
– Marc Tarrats (FEPSM):
– Sandra (Hiva Oa YS): / Vincent (Marquises Maintenance services):
In Nuku Hiva, Taiohae:
– Kevin (Nuku Hiva Yacht Services):
– One of the boats at the anchorage in Taiohae is monitoring a VHF watch and daily communications:
In Moorea :
– At the anchorage in front of Taiamanu beach, another boat offers volonteer coordination:Michael (


During this difficult period, the maritime actors and suppliers mobilize. So if you want to do some light works or repairs during the confinement, you can order spare parts and materials and get them delivered in your island. Note, for example, the solutions offered by the shipchandlers such as Nautisport or SOPOM and Sin Tung Hing Marine.


About visa for the sailors, citizens of countries outside the EEC.

Non-EC mariners generally have a 90-day visa. Because of the current confinement and the impossibility to leave the territory, the immigration services of French Polynesia can issue you an extension of your visa. You must make an official request to the administration concerned:

Learn more:


Temporary admission of your boat suspended from import duties and taxes :

As far as boats are concerned, if you arrive beyond the 36-month period of temporary admission, you can obtain an exceptional extension. Here too, you must make an official request to the customs service: